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Monticello Community Schools

IDM for Advanced Proficiency




Abstract Thinking, Complexity, and Depth by Bertie Kingore

Mindset Handout

"RtI for Nurturing Giftedness: Implications for the RtI School-Based Team" Claire Hughes and Karen Rollins

Reading Strategies for Advanced Primary Readers by Bertie Kingore

Raising Expectations for Gifted by Colleen Willard-Holt


Divergent Questioning






Bloom's Revised Taxonomy

     Cognitive Levels

     Planning Template

     All things Bloom's - Website with samples, examples, and tools


Web sites

"Differentiated Curriculum for Classrooms with Gifted Children" Sue Hovis

Dare to Differentiate Wiki

Resources for Teaching Gifted and Talented Students

Reading Activities Random House Web site

Visual Dictionary and Thesaurus


Short Stories 

Live Science

Ology American Museum of Natural History 

Grasping Abstract Concepts article


Book Lists


Gifted Blogs

ByrdSeed Gifted 

Prufrock Press Gifted Education

Prufrock Press Gifted Children

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